ZeroSpot: the hotspot with Zeroshell engine

If you are using captive-portal feature of Zeroshell for your hotspot then you are ready to try ZeroSpot.

Zerospot is a quick and intuitive graphical user interface based on a not intrusive multi dialog system.

Download it, move the executable to a directory of your choice and launch it with a double click. ZeroSpot does not require to be installed, it asks just for a few information at first run and you are straightaway connected to Zeroshell.

ZeroSpot is open-source and is distributed with GNU GPLv3 license.


ZeroSpot is developed taking account of the need to keep trace of the user who performs connections and the relative session duration, without hold sensitive information which could involve privacy law violations.

For this purpose it make use of an integrated database, independent of Zeroshell, where data are stored for future search.

Moreover ZeroSpot is particularly oriented to be used in accomodation facilities where internet connection is supplied as a secondary service.

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  • Quick enroll of a new hotspot user on Zeroshell.
  • Print of the ticket with the connection credentials to be supplied to the user.
  • Creation of a ticket sheet with 20 tickets to be supplied to a group of users.
  • Connection state management of the active users.
  • Disconnection and/or deletion of multiple active users.
  • Display connection details in real time.
  • Integrated database independent of Zeroshell.
  • Search for connection sessions.
  • By IP or MAC address authorized clients management.
  • Zeroshell release with configured captive-portal.
  • Windows operating system (Mac OS and Linux versions available in next release).
  • Java installed. Download available on the official website.
Contributes & support

Currently the only support provied are the help pages. You can also send bug or error reports and suggestions or comments through this form or participating at the discussion about ZeroSpot on the Zeroshell forum.